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The Situation

It was a simple plan:

Ride to T-Town and pick up two tubes. Then I discovered my empty wallet.

As I stared down the cash register, I recalled the email congratulating me for having accrued 2658 bonus points. It was time to redeem them - 1000 at a time. This meant that I was getting $50 worth of inner tubes. I was now staring at a stack.

The pockets of my Voler club cut were already close to full and I needed a way to transport my bounty. Memory came to the rescue again. This time it was the chrome ball sack hanging from the ornate Cummins coal-roller that had almost run me down on Kohler the day before.  Pure genius. 

I asked the manager for two small plastic bags then placed half the tubes in one bag and the remainder in the other, twisted the top of each bag and tied them together. Then I hung the whole thing on my stem. Ready to roll.

Training Benefit?

As I made my way home, I discovered that if I did not stay seated while climbing, my cargo would tend to trade punches with my knees. Some experts claim that seated climbing is considerably more efficient than standing and anyone who has seen Dusty Stone crushing Limekiln while totally seated will attest to their envy and should want to develop similar prowess. This was my chance. I kept my butt down the whole way home and the tubes stayed in their boxes.

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