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Berks County, Earth

Unless you're Sean Hannity or live under a rock, you know about the new virus on the block that is punking entire countries all around the world.

China stopped making iPhones, GM and Ford are stopping production, and the Pope has cancelled Easter Mass. Heck, the Iranians cancelled Friday prayer and even Trump himself has realized that not every fact is a Liberal Conspiracy.

So now that it's normal to greet someone with a Vulcan salute before buying a takeout margarita, one wonders, "What is reasonable behavior and how do I navigate the new realities?"

Well, the good folks here at RVOworld have got your back. This is a health crisis so we recommend you do something to stay healthy. Ride it! 

Cyclists are Pros at ignoring danger but please be mindful of these things:

keep your distance


"When in doubt, lead it out." If you have been to T-Town for Friday Night races you heard it said and it's truer now than ever.

Everybody knows it's nice to draft at Tuesday Night World's but sometimes you gotta admit you gonna get dropped. Sucking a mouthful of corona spores deep into your lungs has little to no training value.

Perform this thought experiment on the next group ride: "Am I on the break? Am I chasing the break?" If you're answer is no, get some TT bars and wait for 'Cross season.

Mountain bikers: I know you feel safe tucked away among the trees and boulders but please take it easy on the high fives the next time your buddy cleans that Rock Garden. And for heaven's sake, think twice before you pass that dutchie.


stay inflated


Please learn to patch an inner tube. If you're like me and routinely add to the local landfill every time you get a puncture, you may be unfamiliar with a patch kit.

Look, flat tires are inevitable and we've already run out of toilet paper. Grocery stores in New York have seen their stock depleted. It's only a matter of time before there's a rubber shortage.

  remember that muscle is meat

Turns out the Preppers were right although it took them a while to admit it. However, not everyone has 40 cases of Spam in their basement and Wegman's is low on chicken. 9mm is sold out and there's only so much road kill to go around. Don't let it be you.

Angry drivers already hate cyclists and when they get hungry you may start to look like food. Once they realize that any meat tastes good in chili,...uh,well....we advise that you ride with at least one other person, preferably someone who is fatter than you.


f.n.Rhoadie is a lifelong cyclist who loves the road and dirt. He occasionally dusts off his Cat4 to post unremarkable results. You might see f.n. on the Derby or killing it on Mt. Penn.


- f.n.Rhoadie

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