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Now, sometimes pedals are hard to clip into but suspicion grows when you consider that the Express tried to outsprint his own team at the line and was only bested by a hard-charging Dean Smith. "I don't remember guys attacking in the TTT when I watched the Tour on TV", remarked a Simmeria rider."Half our guys were dead weight and just happy to make it back with the group. But, in the end, the gloves gotta come off, I guess."

RVO 2013 TTT - Oley


As start time approached, several members of the GS Simmeria TTT Squad were wondering outloud if they would see DPA Express. Then he lined up just before the team took off for their course-record-setting ride. The Express had trouble clipping in and had to catch up with the group.


Anyone familiar with Strava knows that riding with a fast group will get you near the top of many Strava Leaderboards and this pedal delay gave him 3 or 4 second advantage on the coveted 'Shirk's Masters TTT/Ronde Van Oley' if the group finished intact.

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